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Number One Bengali Wedding Planner–We are the most experienced and probably the first Wedding Planner in Kolkata , started operation in the year 2003.Planning your wedding celebration with shahenai will be an enjoyable journey. It is our honour to help you to realise your perfect wedding celebration. We have the expertise to do justice to the preciousness of this day both for you and for your guests . No other event requires such specialised care and we have the experience , the vision and the sensitivity to deliver this. With a diligent and proactive approach , we will create and execute the day you desire . From the rituals to the candid photography , heart warming floral decorations to the delicious food , you can entrust your most special celebration to us .With our fresh ideas , impeccable standards and invaluable experience , shahenai will steer you towards the wedding day of which you have been dreaming. This is why our clients rated us Best Wedding Planner In Kolkata .

Our Satisfied Clients

Words will fall short of describing how well Rudra and his team managed my wedding. Nothing was done in an ordinary manner. Everything starting from the decoration to the food was done brilliantly. Not only this but the behaviour of the staff and Rudra himself was downright cool and calm and very helpful. Rudra organised each and every ceremony of my wedding with a fine detail. All in all i would recommend each and everyone to go for Rudra's services. Thank you team Rudra for organising my wedding in a manner much better than i could have ever imagined.
Baby Ghosh
First we (me and Baishali) would like to give our heartfelt Thanks to Mr. Rudra for organizing our wedding on 15th January 2021. Shahenai had provided excellent food quality and services as they promised. All the team members are highly professional and provided high quality of services. I will surely recommend others and for any future events I will surely come back to Shahenai. Thanks again to Rudra and your team.
Janardhan Sutradhar
"অতিথি আপনার-আপ্যায়ন আমাদের"---এই আপ্তবাক্যের সার্থক রূপায়ণ আস্বাদন করলাম "shahenai"-এর প্রতিশ্রুতি রক্ষার আন্তরিকতায়।রসনার তৃপ্তি? হ্যাঁ;তা হয়েছে ষোল আনা।সঙ্গে আত্মিক ব্যবহার এবং অবশ্যই মূল্যমানের মূল্যায়ন যথার্থই সন্তোষজনক ছিল। আমার কাছে "shahenai" মানে ভরসার অপর নাম।
Madhuparni Dutta

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