Big Fat Luxury Bengali Wedding Package

Big Fat Luxury Bengali Wedding Package In Kolkata—Luxury wedding means Spectacular Venue , Gorgeous Decoration , Rich Rituals , Grand Celebration , Live Stalls and Delicious Foods. is a highly experienced  wedding planner and a trusted name in wedding industry in Kolkata ,West Bengal. The company has a wealth of knowledge for planning weddings in Kolkata and a great number of top rated professionals to make it truly spectacular. We have some unique features and lots of exclusive ideas in Luxury Wedding Package .

Number Of Guests: Minimum 500 and Maximum 5000

Venue: We are tied up with some of the stars hotels, Clubs and Venues in Kolkata for perfect execution of luxury wedding package.

Big Fat Luxury Bengali Wedding Package Cost Starting From Rs 1500000 ,Fifteen Lakh  for 700 Guests (Rs 1200/ Head for extra guests)

Package Includes:

    *Pre Wedding Cinematic Video 

    *Invitation Video

    *Biyer Tatya Decoration (Max 100 Trays )

   *One Beautiful Ring Platter

    *Complete Bengali Marriage Rituals–

    A. Morning Rituals : Nandimukh , Gaye Holud

    B. Complete Hindu Bengali Marriage Rituls –All stationary like Topor , Mukut , Rose Bar Mala 2 Pcs , Yogya Samogri , Purohit , Purohit Daan Samagri

  • Live Shehnai during event
  • Groom’s Car With Decoration, Mercedes Benz
  • Welcoming Groom And Barjatri with Band Party

  • Guests Welcoming By Welcome Girls

  • Bouncers For Security
  • Groom’s Entry By Horse With Entertainment
  • Waterproof HD Bridal Makeup
  • Four Persons Complimentary Party Makeup (ladies)

  • Bride Arrival By Palki
  • Photography ( from Gaye Holud to Reception ) a) Canvera Album, b) Upto 450 edited photos , c) Digital Album , d) Cinematic Wedding Video , e) Cinematic trailer , f) Drone Photography g) Live Led Screen Coverage During Wedding Event *Venue Decoration , Lighting , Floral (Gate , Mondop For Rituals, Reception Chairs , Reception Stage and Backdrop , Chairs , Tables, Selfie Zone )
  • Catering Service For Wedding  Event 

Dinner Menu

Welcome Drinks

  • Tandoor Tea Live
  • Coffee Live

  • Mocktail Bar Live
  • Soft Drinks Station


Tandoor Station Live

  • a) Chicken Seekh Kebeb 
  • b) Chicken Reshmi Kebab 
  • c) Chicken Hariyali Kebab 
  • d) Chicken Tikka 

  • e) Bhetki Fish Tandoor
  • f) Paneer Tikka
  • Street Chaat Counter Live 
  • Cream Of Chicken Soup
  • Sweet Corn Soup
  • Dry Chilli Chicken
  • Cheese Ball
  • Mochar Chop
  • Crispy Chilli Baby Corn

Salad Bar

Main Course

       * Bhetki Fish Fry


       *Peas Kochuri

       *Cholar Daaal

       *Rumali Roti

       *Aloor Dum

       *Lachha Paratha

       *Keema Chana

  • Basmati Rice

  • Bhaja Moong Daal
  • Aloo Bhaja

  • Dhokar Dalna

  • Basanti Pulao

  •  Katla Kalia

  • Bhetki Fish Paturi
  • Maharani Chicken

  •  Mutton Rogan Josh

  • Mutton Biryani

  • Chicken Chaap


  • Mango Chutney

  • Papad
  • Misti Dahi

  • Rosogolla 

  • Sandesh

  • Rabri

  • Jalebi Live
  • Souffle
  • Ice Cream Live

  • Koolfi 

  • Benarasi Paan Live